I’ve got the runs…

Congratulations! You’ve decided that getting back into shape will get rid of those loveable love handles. You put on your old loose t-shirt you found in the bottom back of your drawers. Those new jogging pants you keep in the back of your closet are going to look even better once you actually begin to jog. You find some socks that may or may not match, depending on if you squint really hard with the lights off. After sliding your socks on you pull out those running shoes that haven’t been worn since the last time your went running. Your head band is snug and your phone is programmed to rock out. This is it! The big moment! You’re ready. You’re about to do it. You’re going to hit the ground running. (Pun intended)

Now you’re running. You’ve left your home street. Your house is nowhere insight. You’re actually doing it! Who would’ve thought you’d be running? Well now your on the go and you’re body feels different. Maybe it’s the lungs and heart hard at work? Or could it be your jiggling thighs movin’ and grovin’ with every step? Now your stomachs starting to do a little dancing of its own. But wait that can’t be right. The stomach? Yes. Every step of your feet hitting the ground time after time causes your bowles to get movin of ya know what I’m sayin! In other words, this repetitive motion of course causes your gastrointestinal system tract is looseness and forced out of your body. All of a sudden your looking for the nearest bathroom. Sadly your far from home now. Not a port-a-potty in sight. You’re speed starts to decrease and before you know it your walking around with your hands covering your backside hoping nothing slips out.


Yeah, that scenario was me today. I decided I would get back into shape. I started off walking and jogging around my neighborhood. Well, fortunately I made it home in time. Luckily I wasn’t to far from home. For some odd reason walking/running makes you poop! Yes, it makes you poop!! Yeah I said poop. Maybe you didn’t read it properly… POOP!!

My advice to anyone out there who is trying to get back in shape… Run, you’ll be shedding pounds on the inside… and out.


Tell me about your experiences! Has this happened to you? Do you exercise? What would you have done in this situation? Let me know! I’m game for any suggestions. As always comment below, I look forward to reading and laughing along with you.



2 thoughts on “I’ve got the runs…

    • Haha! Thanks! I haven’t been on here in awhile I’m trying to work and do summer classes at the same time! Thank you do much for keeping up with me and my crazy life!😄😋


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