Question: Where are you from?

Answer: I’m from all over! Haha. I’m a military brat so I can’t say one place because it’s all home to me!

Question: What made you begin writing a blog?

Answer: I’ve been interested in fashion, celebrities, TV, etc. I always thought about making a blog but I kept putting it off. This blog is a place for me to offer my honest opinion and to connect and encourage women around the world.

Question: How old are you?

Answer: The answer to this question can be found on my profile. So take a look around and I’m positive you’ll find your answer.

Question: Do you sop at stores like Goodwill or Salvation Army?

Answer: I shop where I can find a  good deal/steal. Malls, Outlets, etc.

Question: How do I start my own blog?

Answer: I blog using WordPress. There is a link down at the bottom of my page for WordPress. Give blogging a try. I’d love to follow your blog and see what’s on your mind.

Question: What’s your opinion on hair weaves?

Answer: Personally, I like hair weaves/sewins. They’re a very protective style when you take care of them properly. You have to think of them as extensions of your own hair. That means moisturizing and washing on the regular basis. No weave should be left in for more than 2-3 months.

Question: Do you like Android or Apple?

Answer: I am #TeamApple for life haha

Question: What’s your favorite movie?

Answer: I have several: Mean Girls (1) not (2), The Wood, White Chicks, Something Borrowed, Think Like a Man

Question: What kind of makeup do you like and use?

Answer: As I’ve said before I love deals/steals. I use drugstore brands and I occasionally shop at Sephora-JCPenny. I usually find name brand makeup at Dollar Stores as well.

Question: What’s the purpose of primer?

Answer: A primer is applied before the foundation. It provides an even surface for foundation to be applied smoothly with no clumps/bumps/humps.

Question: Will you make a YouTube channel?

Answer: I’m not sure. I just want to see where this blog takes me first and maybe I’ll go on to make a channel.



 Send me your questions and concerns via email!

Thank You


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