It’s just one of those days

Sigh. Have you ever had one of those days where your bed is the only thing you want to see? Not your kids, your husband, your annoying mother in law. Just you and your bed!

It’s been a long day for you. 9hrs + at work and all you can think about is kicking off your shoes and relaxing. You shut down and straighten your work place and grab your keys to go. You drag your feet sluggishly to your car. As soon as your inside your car you slouch on to the seat and place your head on to the window. You think to yourself “I’m only 15 minutes away from my bed counting traffic It’ll be 20 min. Okay that’s not bad. Pick yourself up. You can do. Just sit up and drive.” After your pep talk you find yourself heading home. Parking your car and shutting your door seems to be the hardest thing in life at that moment. You do it anyway, unaware of what awaits you  inside. After you take the longest walk known to man down your pathway your finally at you front door. As you turn your keys inside the lock you can hear the angels from heaven singing in peaceful harmony. You walk inside, shut the door and make your way to the closest sofa. After 5 min of relaxation you decided your bed is much better. Now its time to open your eyes.
You jump back in complete shock and horror! You’ve met you match. Yep your house. What have you been doing? Or haven’t been doing? Your house is messy, filthy, dirty, and any other adjective you can think of. There’s random clothes and shoes scattered on the floor and dishes piled high in your sink.

Now it’s time for reasonable deduction. Do you wash the dishes? Do you do the laundry? Do you vacuum the floor? Do you scrub the crust off the side of the wall? Well do you?

OR do you go to bed where you can close your eyes and dream of a clean home?

Well I’m here to give you some tips on how to keep your household clean and still have “me time”.

Bedrooms (10-20min): Strip the beds. Pick up dirty clothes and toss them in to a hamper. Grab extra sheets and make the bed. Use a quick inexpensive duster and swipe across the surfaces. Take about 5 min to vacuum. Do a quick walk through with the vacuum.



Bathroom (10-15min): Time to whip out the fancy cleaning supplies that haven’t been used since the day you bought them. Take out the toilet bowl cleaner and go around the rim of the toilet. Use the clean wipes and tackle the sink. The rim around the tub has got to go! Brown rings are no longer in style. Spray shower and bathroom cleaner inside the tub on the mildew and rust. After that come back to the toilet and use the toilet wand and wipe all around where you see fit. Flush that and your good to go. Rinse out the sink. Sweep the bathroom floor and wipe out the tub. Scrub the rust and mildew and you’re good to go!



Living room (15-20min): Pick up miscellaneous items put them away. Store clothing items in their perspective places. Do a quick vacuum and focus on corners and focal points of the room. Dust where necessary. Straighten pillows or furniture and you’re good to go!



Kitchen (25-30min): Begin by rinsing off dishes and loading them into dishwasher. Don’t have one? Okay cool. Begin hand washing dishes. Sometimes is easier to get the leftover grime off dishes this way. Wipe down counters with small wash cloth. Sweep floor while dishes dry. Put dishes away and you’re good to go!



Time to turn the lights off and fall into bed to start the next day.

By doing this once or twice a week your house should be decent and clean leaving you more time with your bed!



Do you feel like I left something out? Let me know! What did I miss? What’s your strategy for cleaning house? Leave me a comment and of  course I’ll reply!



I’ve got the runs…

Congratulations! You’ve decided that getting back into shape will get rid of those loveable love handles. You put on your old loose t-shirt you found in the bottom back of your drawers. Those new jogging pants you keep in the back of your closet are going to look even better once you actually begin to jog. You find some socks that may or may not match, depending on if you squint really hard with the lights off. After sliding your socks on you pull out those running shoes that haven’t been worn since the last time your went running. Your head band is snug and your phone is programmed to rock out. This is it! The big moment! You’re ready. You’re about to do it. You’re going to hit the ground running. (Pun intended)

Now you’re running. You’ve left your home street. Your house is nowhere insight. You’re actually doing it! Who would’ve thought you’d be running? Well now your on the go and you’re body feels different. Maybe it’s the lungs and heart hard at work? Or could it be your jiggling thighs movin’ and grovin’ with every step? Now your stomachs starting to do a little dancing of its own. But wait that can’t be right. The stomach? Yes. Every step of your feet hitting the ground time after time causes your bowles to get movin of ya know what I’m sayin! In other words, this repetitive motion of course causes your gastrointestinal system tract is looseness and forced out of your body. All of a sudden your looking for the nearest bathroom. Sadly your far from home now. Not a port-a-potty in sight. You’re speed starts to decrease and before you know it your walking around with your hands covering your backside hoping nothing slips out.


Yeah, that scenario was me today. I decided I would get back into shape. I started off walking and jogging around my neighborhood. Well, fortunately I made it home in time. Luckily I wasn’t to far from home. For some odd reason walking/running makes you poop! Yes, it makes you poop!! Yeah I said poop. Maybe you didn’t read it properly… POOP!!

My advice to anyone out there who is trying to get back in shape… Run, you’ll be shedding pounds on the inside… and out.


Tell me about your experiences! Has this happened to you? Do you exercise? What would you have done in this situation? Let me know! I’m game for any suggestions. As always comment below, I look forward to reading and laughing along with you.