Now for most of you who will probably take offense to this post or those of you who simply found your way here let me break it down for you…

HBCU- Historically Black College or University

PWI- Predominately White Institution


Okay now that is settled lets discuss.


I myself, am a proud African American female. I attended an HBCU for two years and I now attend a PWI. I made good great grades while attending an HBCU. I recently made a 4.0 in my final semester at this particular HBCU. I can honestly say this 4.0 required no effort. I rarely attended classes, and I often missed important information in doing so. One thing that I always did was do my work. No matter what I turned in my essays, homework, research, projects, etc. in on time. When I was at class I was organized on time and efficient. Why I missed many of my classes was health related or simply didn’t feel like attending. Now, I always had an official excuse. Whether it be from the doctor, or the hospital themselves. I always had documentation of my whereabouts.

My classes at this HBCU were fairly easy and I felt as if I were “dumbed down” so to speak at this organization. My speech and grammar were unsatisfactory and I found myself using slang that I never really used to use. I didn’t recognize myself. Maybe I was caught up in the height of being at an HBCU and “reppin” my school so to speak. While attending this HBCU I maintained a GPA ranging from 3.3-4.0. I have made friends and came in contact with intellectual people who have fairly low GPAs. I remember my old best friend had a GPA of a 2.7- 2.9. At first we laughed at it because we were partly having a conversation and listening and dancing to music. After I sat down and thought about it. I realized she said her GPA was a 2.7-2.9 and I couldn’t bring it upon myself to even fathom having a GPA that low. I ask for extra credit and more homework. I am always one for an opportunity to earn points! The mentality and level of intelligence from many of the students I came in contact with had low GPAs and  I couldn’t understand why. I’m not sure what it is/was. But I got myself together, pulled through my finals and darted straight towards the highway home.

Now, I’m not saying my experience at an HBCU is the same for everyone. I am speaking MY piece/opinion on MY blog. You don’t have to like it, agree/disagree.

I’m simply speaking MY mind.


Now I am not disrespecting the HBCU I attended. It was great. I loved the people and the environment for the time being. I loved being able to be uplifted by the same people who share the same thoughts and feel the same way I did. Not only did we have that in common, we share history, a culture, traditions/customs. It’s great when people can come together. UNITE and make something great and receive an education. Now my HBCU was one heck of a party school. While I didn’t partake in many parties, I know my classmates and peers knew there is a time and place for everything and academics and education come first.



With all of this being said. Let me know what you think. Comment on the picture I ‘ve attached to this blog. What do you think of her tweet? Is she right? Wrong? Let me know what you think of my post. Do you agree or disagree? Of course I will have a poll attached to this for you to vote upon.





Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion pt.3

On this episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion the Final portion, drama continues to flourish and wreak havoc upon these women.

Now Hunny I was very excited for this two hour long episode. Phaedra finally tells Kenya how it is, how it should’ve been, and how it will be in the future. Phaedra got Kenya together real quick. I personally believe Kenya needed this. Kenya has been provoking Phaedra and Apollo for 2yrs now. 2!!!! Not 1 but 2 years has this nonsense about Kenya texting and being inappropriate with Phaedra’s husband Apollo. Now I am not putting all the blame on Kenya because Apollo knows good and well that he DOES NOT need to be interacting with Kenya AT ALL! Ooooo and let’s not forget the part where Nene told Kenya she is the LOWEST paid sitting on the stage acting a fool. SMH. Child, let me tell you!!! It’s about time that somebody put her in her place.

In my honest opinion Kenya needs to be kicked off the show. Honestly shall we start with the obvious? The show is called Real House WIVES of Atlanta. Kenya is single like a dollar bill Hunny. She is just as single as me. She has NO ONE. ABSOLUTELY NO ONE. We’ve witnessed Kenya and Walter and their fake arrangement now Kenya is chasing after Apollo and Phaedra won’t have it!!

Kenya is the drama starter and I fear the only reason that she is still here is because she brings drama and drama bring ratings.

This show is a reality show but it is very rare to find a show with an all female (African American) cast to actually watch and look up too. Me being a woman of color this is one of the shows I will definitely watch and make sure I see EVERY episode. It is disappointing to see grown black women bickering with one another. We don’t need to be tearing each other down. We should instead be uplifting and encouraging one another. I do look forward to this show airing for another season hopefully Kenya will have changed or will be off the show completely.




I’ve voiced my opinion, it’s your turn! Tell me what you think and who you think should stay and go!



“SMILE… it will make you look better. PRAY… it will keep you strong. LOVE… it will help you enjoy life a little more”


Imagine yourself out for lunch with your girls in a nice restaurant and a group of good looking eligible bachelors passed by. You and your girlfriends gave each other the “He can get it look”. Oddly enough the men waltzed right by your table to a booth that seated their companions. We then turned to one another and said “bottoms up”!

Yes, this “scene” was very real for me not too long ago.

I recently found myself complaining to my girlfriends about relationships and the quality of men. We discussed ever scenario of every average couple and we still couldn’t understand why we were single.  What did those women have that we didn’t have? I mean the average woman is strong, independent, intelligent, working, and beautiful. Is it too much to ask to want a man that is equal or more? Should one settle into a relationship? What about the average man? They’re typically handsome/attractive, intelligent, employed, independent. Should men settle? Do men expect to much from women? or vise versa?! Our conversation sparked much laughter and “toasting”. We never got a definite answer to any of our questions, and now I would like to know what you think.


Why are so many men single?

Why are so many women so single?

Are standards set a bit too high for the opposite sex?

Are there any good men left?

Are there any good women left?

What do you think?



-Jazmin AAyana